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New in 2015...
A 21 week devotional guide on the book of Romans.  What makes this devotional different is that it isn't instructive.  It guides you to discovery of self, of God's Word, or your relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  It asks the believer to be a disciple.  It asks the disciple to be authentic.  It allows God's Word to lead and guide, instruct and transform.  Ken shares his experiences, his own discipleship with you through his prayers at the end of each days devotional.  It was a tool.  It is available to you. 
Until we work out publishing on a formal basis, we are making this 147 day walk through Romans available (upon request - ken@kenneff.com) for a donation.  We realize this is harder than setting price but we also believe it to be more scriptural.  Please assume a donation per copy you request.  Use Galatians 6:6-10 as a guide:  "When anyone is under instruction in the faith, he should give his teacher a share of whatever good things he has...everyone reaps what he sows."  When you consider a donation, think about what you could live on if ministry were your source of livelihood.
We are excited at all that is planned for this year and what God wants to do in, with, and through us here at Kenneff.com.
We'd like you to be a part.  Here are some ways you can be involved...
1.  Pray - God's people seeking God's purposes.  
2.  Plug In - God's people pursuing God's purposes.  Get involved in an existing community of faith or start your own community of faith.  We will be happy to partner with you on how to do that.  Faith Communities share life together, learn together, pray together, and serve each other and those in their world together.  
3.  Partner - Become a part of kenneff.com.  This may include being a member of a Doctrine Work Group.  It may include finding ways to get us engaged in your existing faith community.  It may be through leveraging the resources available through kenneff.com.  It may be through gifts to kenneff.com.  There are materials available through Kenneff.com and some availble through Amazon.com , Barnes and Noble, or by clicking here. Visit our products and service page for more details.  
God's church (the assembly of believers) is large.  It transcends denominations.  It isn't tied to a facility.  It isn't controlled by anyone but God.  It includes all believers - disciples of Jesus Christ!  We encourage you to be a part of the bigness of God's church with us and through us here at Kenneff.com.