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*NEW*  "Thoughts On" Series - 21 Week Devotional Guide - Romans 

*  Foundations of Discipleship

*   The Solomon Strategy - Discipleship Program

The Peter Plan - Discipleship Program

*  Being Content

*  Priorities

*  Disappointment With God

*  Five Key Relationships

*  Leadership Lessons from Jesus



Ken and his wife, Dianne, partner together on some services.

Organizational and Team Assessments and Coaching

*  Teaching/Preaching

*  Personal Discipleship and Accountability

*  Musical Entertainment/ Music Specials


Opportunities to Participate

*  Doctrine Work Groups

Participate with a team of disciples to form and write statements about what we believe based on the Bible.  Doctrine Work Groups are intensive commitments that last about a year.  Most of the interactions are electronic with some face to face interactions if you have the opportunity.  The results of a Doctrine Work Group is a doctrinal statement that we will seek to have published.  At a minimum, all doctrinal statements will be made available to members and available through kenneff.com. 


*  Marriage Partnering

Every marriage goes through struggles.  Providing enough guidance in a few pre-marital counseling sessions to last a lifetime isn't practical.  Through Kenneff.com, we will connect you with other married couples you can partner with including Ken and Dianne.  These relationships can be focused on specific areas (parenting, crisis, blended families) or can be life long partnerships that invest in each other.  

More Coming Soon!