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Here is a partial list of companies and organizations that we have had the pleasure of serving: 

Henny Penny

West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church

Columbus West Church of God

Northwest Bible Church

Win Wholesale

Journey Church - Columbus


SWAT Recovery Services 

George F. Neff and Company 


Clark County Municipal Court 

Blue Fish Group

East Allen County Schools

Lighthouse Technologies 

Here's what some of our friends have said about Ken and their experience...

"I personally want to thank you for the way you operate your ministry...Your desire was to know who we are and how we worship. Secondly, your presentation was well thought out and your delivery was most appropriate for our congregation.  Last...I appreciated the follow up meeting...I really appreciate your heart for others and your desire to serve the Lord." 

Pastor Paul Ratliff, Grace  Chapel


"I am reading thru your book the second time now. I am surprised how candid you are. At times I feel I am reading your diary and looking into your mind." 

Don Truex

"Thank you for the book...I must say that it is readable... I appreciate the rough/tough subjects... Throughout the book you make clear the path to salvation... I also like the way you talk about discipleship and our need for more of it.  Overall I believe you have put forth a book that encompasses what most of us feel and experience at different times in our lives.  I believe that it takes great maturity to face and accept some of the facts of life.  We may hear them, learn them, observe them but until we have experienced them we really don't know them.  Great book, Ken.  I look forward to all that God is going to do through you and this book."


Earl Litman, Pastor


"From the beginning conversations of what is now known as Swat Recovery, Ken Neff was the first person that came to mind for assisting us in strategically thinking through infrastructure. He is able to quickly bring clarity to thoughts in think-tank conversations, somehow connecting the dots in ways that few people are able to do. I would whole-heartedly recommend him in any situation of the like, and will certainly continue to tap into the resources that he and his network provide."
SWAT Recovery Services

"It has been a pleasure to know Ken for over 5 years. During this time we have grown to be close friends. Ken not only has been a friend to me but also a sounding board, mentor, teacher, accountability partner,and a personal Pastor. He is a quiet deep thinker who is not always in "the box" that we tend to shelter our selves in. I am always amazed by how he can decipher the Word of God in a way that makes it easy to understand. I also believe that in his teaching of the Word, he always puts God's intentions first..."
Victor Fisher, Blue Fish Group
"Empowered by the Spirit of God, Ken Neff has helped me through many situations--always ready to give a listnening ear, then helping by looking to God's Word for "teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness." (II Timothy 3:16) There is no doubt that God placed Ken in my life at a time when I needed someone like him to stand by my side and help me battle through life's challenges. I feel very blessed to have Ken as a friend."

Ted Williams, Pastor