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In addition to providing "private" services for corporations, organizations, and individuals, we have public events you may be interested in.  Below is our updated schedule of events.
For information on these events, contact the organization listed or us through the Contact Us page.



Discipleship: Life Group

Wednesday Night; 7PM  (Snacks at 6:30)

Overcoming Negative Self Image

Dr. Neil Anderson 

kenneff.com and Columbus West Church of God

Columbus West Church of God

147 Gladys Rd

Columbus, Ohio 43228


Leadership:  Leadership Study Group

Every Other Month Meeting

Date and Time:

4/11 at Casa Neff 

email Ken@kenneff.com for details 

We will read 6 books over the next year.

24 audio based teaching sessions featuring the authors and others.

Bi Monthly discussion group

Topic:  Leading People 



Discipleship:  Bible Study Group

Starts: 5/4/2015

Use the "Contact Us" to get more info. 

The Book of Romans
Study material will be provided electronically.
No cost.
Financial gifts are accepted.  Make checks payable to: Ken Neff 


Go to... thoughtsonromans.wordpress.com

Click on "+Follow" on the bottom right to join. 

Accepting work group members beginning January 12


Doctrine Work Group:  Doctrine of Discipleship 


Submit an email with your interest or questions to:


Subject:  Doctrine Work Group 

June 12, 2015 
Preaching - Sunday 10AM

To Be Determined

Columbus West Church of God

Columbus West Church of God

147 Gladys Rd.

Columbus, Ohio 43228